Silver Bark

Silverbark is a boutique cattery; our cats are treated as family members. Someone once said; we do not own the Bengals, they own us.

We are conscious of remaining small to ensure we have only the best animals and provide top care and attention to them, raising our litters one at a time.

The love for these animals started years ago and now continues as a duty not only to these majestic creatures but also to the tradition of the established bloodlines and to carry on with the great work and many years of experience of other dedicated breeders.

We do not take this commitment lightly; each and every kitten will go only to a carefully selected new home.

... and no, our cats don’t bark! Silvery bark can be found on eucalyptus trees that grow around our new home in the hills of Perth, Western Australia.

We have one mission in our breeding, and that is to produce outstanding Bengals who are matched with people that will love them for the rest of their lives.


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